Thorough Chimney Sweeping in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Enjoy a reliable and helpful chimney cleaning service from established chimney sweeps. Ring Toll Bar Brush ‘n’ Vac Sweep of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, for thorough chimney sweeping services.

Complete Brush and Vacuum Service

Expect a clean and practical service. I ensure that the surrounding area is secured from dirt and grime by placing a cloth over the chimney opening. All chimneys have to be brush swept by law, so my work involves brushing the flue to British Standards. I also make sure to protect your carpet and all surrounding area. Larger chimneys may require extra areas to be protected, so call up Toll Bar Brush 'n' Vac Sweep with any of your special chimney cleaning requests.

Free Quotations

Call today to request your free quote. Toll Bar Brush 'n' Vac Sweep give out quotations over the phone. I also offer free advice on things such as what chimney liners are best for your needs, or where you can find spare parts. My advice service covers areas including:

Free Quotations

  • Chimney liners

  • Chimney posts

  • Fire grates

  • Fireplace fronts

More Helpful Chimney Advice

A chimney needs to be cleaned every year, or at least twice a year if you are burning coal. You should also get your chimney swept with a certificate when you are putting your house on the market. Boost your property’s marketability by calling me in for a sweep and “Certificate of Chimney Sweeping”.

Aftercare Service

Don’t get upset if soot is still falling after a sweeping from Toll Bar Brush 'n' Vac Sweep. I will happily re-sweep your chimney if some soot is still apparent after a short period of time. Sometimes stone fireplaces are a wee bit tricky, as they can be uneven. That’s why I offer a follow-up sweep to make sure your flue is dirt-free.

Contact Toll Bar Brush 'n' Vac Sweep for thorough chimney sweeping services that leave your home or business neat and tidy.

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